The Kuwait Stock Exchange [KSE]

Kuwait_Stock_ExchangeThe Kuwait Stock Exchange [KSE] is the national Stock Exchange located in the Kuwait City, Kuwait established in October 1977, is the first and largest stock exchange in the Persian Gulf region and one of the important international stock exchanges. The Exchange was operating according to the stated rules until 1983; An Amiri Decree was issued on 14/08/1983 concerning the reorganization of the Exchange as an independent financial institution. KSE is the first stock exchange in the world using Arabic Automated system on 17th January 1966. At the time of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) was closed for 28 months and reopen in September 28, 1992 with listed companies reduced from 54 to 28 companies.

Kuwait share trading had history since 1952; the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) was started with public subscription (1952) and Kuwait National Cinema Company (KSC) (1954) as a shareholding company. And in 1960 witnesses the rapid growth and development in corporate sector. In 1960 the first law concerning the organization of the issue of shares and subscription was promulgated (Commercial Companies Law No.15). and perusal to the law no. 32 for the year 1968 concerning the monetary and Central Bank and the monetary profession and all amended laws thereto.In 1977, the bourse was opened and named as Kuwait Stock Exchange [KSE] and in 1983 Stock Exchange was recognized as independent financial institution by the Amiri Decree issued in August 1983.

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Kuwait Stock Exchange Trading System
In 1996 January 17th Kuwait Stock Exchange is the first stock exchange in the world to use an Arabic Automated system. The automated system allows the trading faster fairer and more efficient security trading. On September 10, 2000, the Foreign Investment Law was issued by the Government to allow foreigners to invest in the Kuwait Stock Exchange for the first time Kuwait Automated Trading System [KATS]
Kuwait Stock Market Trading Sessions
Kuwait Stock Exchange will be open all working days except week end holidays of Friday, Saturday and other official holidays declared by the Stock Exchange in advance . Pre auction time starts from 9:00 am to 9:10 am Normal Business Hours 7.30 AM to 14.30 PM Spot Market: 9.15 AM to 12.15 Noon, Future Market 12.45 Noon to 1.15 PM
Kuwait Stock Exchange Contact Informations
Kuwait Stock Exchange
Mubarak Al Kabir Street,
Kuwait City, Kuwait
P.O.Box 22235 Safat, 13083, Kuwait
Telephone 22423130 / 22992000
Fax : 22413538 / 22420779

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